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Frequently Asked Questions
January 2020   About
  1. Do you have any Piccoleles or banjos for sale?
  2. Do you do any custom luthiery work?
    • I did custom luthiery work for 45 years and now I am retired and solely work on my own instruments.
  3. Can you help me identify or date my banjo?
  4. May I save images from this website on my computer?
    • Yes. It has been very difficult to to get hi resolution images of old banjos on the internet I have found. Hence I am making my digital collection available for public interest and its educational value.
  5. How accurate are the dates on the ads and catalogues on this website?
    • I have only posted verified dates from trade maqazines and journals here. The catalogue years are also from known dated sources.
  6. What is the purpose of this website?
    • This website is mostly for informative purposes. I might add that I personally get a laugh out of the advertising techniques and graphics, and therefore assume others will enjoy it as well.
    • The chronology of the banjo in various phases and configurations is clear from studying the ads here. There is a hilarious era of great confusion of the terminology of the newly emerged four string banjo that was not a ukulele. More....