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Lange Banjo Ukulele - Solo Banner Blue

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Lange Solo Banner Blue Banjo Ukulele- A mating of an original Lange Solo Rim and Resonator with flange, and a nearly identical Lange Banner Blue neck, both constructed of walnut and with unusual green laminations.

The Banner Blue neck has Brass heart inlays and a 14 inch scale, longer than the original Solo neck. It is now securely attached with matching dowel stick and neck brace(from the Banner Blue neck).

The hardware is completely original on the Solo rim with excellent plating and unusual Knurled nuts. The rim is under 7" and extremely thick. The tension hoop and the metal resonator band are both engraved.

Original calfskin head in good order as well as the original Hard Shell case.

The original Solo neck suffered a neck break but also a heel crack due to poor design in the neck to rim attachment. Please watch video for more info.

handThis banjo got saved from the piccolo people who considered making a five stringer out of the lovely rim. But instead, it can be yours for......$950

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