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C.F. Albert Jr. Professional - Ladies Five String Banjo

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 C.F. Albert Jr. Professional

This is a lovely and vintage very good quality ladies size ten inch open back banjo. The maple neck is seventeen inches(nut to rim) and the scale length is around 24"+. The rim is double spun with nicely preserved nickel plating not so common amongst banjos of this vintage. Overall length is around thirty two inches.

Equipped with heavy tension hoop, original vintage matching double ended shoes with hex bolts, hooks and nuts, heavy fingerboard and headstock overlay with pearl inlays, and pearl side dots. Bone nut and pip, No-Knot tailpiece, fresh Nylgut strings, and a lovely skin head makes this a good looker as well. The tuners are vintage mechanical friction pegs that operate very well indeed.

The original neck brace is a traditional older wedge style with ebony wedges.

This banjo probably was made pre 1900 and the peghead shape and quality of the banjo suggests Washburn/Lyon & Healy in Chicago. All my pre 1900 Washburns have this identical peghead and heavy fittings.

This banjo is a great player and extremely solid and will need nothing except a new home! If this is for you, give me a holler please.

Out of Stock

 Email me for more info and shipping details. Thank you..............ab

Click to hear this Banjo play "Let Me Fall"