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 Vintage Original Jas. A. Morrison 5 String Bano

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 Vintage Original Jas. A. Morrison 5 String Banjo

              Stamp: Patented September 26, 1892

This is a very original and lovely vintage 5 string banjo stamped "Jas. A. Morrison" on the headstock. Unlike many other similar Morrison style banjos, this one has the original suspended tone ring.

The excellent nineteen inch neck is fine walnut with a narrow shoulder carved at the 5th string position. The fingerboard and headstock are ebony with mother of pearl inlays. The scale length is around 27".

I am the second owner of this banjo and the inlays of E.G.H.inlaid in the fingerboard in pearl were the initials of the first owner.

The rim is 11.5 inches in diameter and fitted with a frosted plastic head. The parts are all original save for one very close matching nut.

There are very nice Five Star geared tuners on all strings and the banjo is set up with La Bella strings. The tailpiece is original and is missing one front knob but completely functional.

This banjo has hardly been played in over 100 years and has a lovely patina as well as a big sound.  It will be shipped in its lovely Superior extra plush bump case.

A very excellent playing and looking antique banjo from the 1890s. You won't be disappointed.


Click to hear this Banjo play "Roustabout"