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  070 Piccolele 5 String Banjo - Bruno
Here this Banjo Play "John Henry"

Out of Stock


  • Hard Maple Neck and Rim
  • Heavy Tension Hoop
  • 5 Geared Tuners/Skin Head
  • Bone Nut and 5th Pip
  • Custom Tone Ring
Rim Diameter inner/outer 7.5+ in
Scale Length 14 in
Overall Length 22 in
Neck Length 8.375 in

This is a lovely condition Bruno banjo ukulele from the 1920's that I have converted to a small 5 string, slightly smaller than a piccolo banjo.  

The neck is hard maple as is the rim, both very rugged. This banjo has heavy hardware in very good condition, and all matching parts. The headstock inlays as well as fingerboard markers are mother of pearl.

The rim is an 7.5 incher with a beautiful vintage Calfskin in good order. There are 16 brackets, a rolled brass tone ring, and vintage tailpiece and neckbrace, with ebony wedges.

The nut is bone as is the pip, and this banjo is strung with Nylguts. The wider spacing of the strings are very comfortable for larger hands.

Geared GOTOH tuners on all strings make this banjo much easier to tune. The skin is a vintage calfskin in excellent shape and sounds strong.

This is a killer rugged oldtime little banjo if your are in the market for a such a thing. Easily one of my best playing and sounding ones of my collection.

It will be shipped with a deluxe ENOCH hard shell case.

........ $1050 + $50 shipping in USA.

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