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  072 Piccolele 5 String Banjo - Oscar Schmidt
Here this Banjo Play "Cluck Old Hen"

$900 + $50 shipping in USA

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  • Maple Laminated Neck
  • 4 Geared Tuners/Skin Head
  • Bone Nut and 5th Pip
  • Custom Tone Ring ala Little Wonder style
Rim Diameter inner/outer 7.5 in
Scale Length 13.25 in
Overall Length 21 in
Neck Length 8.375 in

This is a lovely condition banjo ukulele from the 1920's that I have converted to a small 5 string, slightly smaller than a piccolo banjo.   

This is a higher quality Oscar Schmidt of New Jersey banjo and the  rim is made like a Vega with multiple hard maple laminations, as is the neck. The 7.5 inch diameter rim makes for a little more sound as well.

This model sports a tone ring - a thin metal wrapped over a hoop which fits over the rim. I have added a plated rolled brass ring under this, which improves the sound dramatically.  This arrangement is not unlike the Vega Whyte Laydie Tone Ring.

Geared tuners makes this a nice banjo to tune, the fifth is straght mechanical. The skin head is fresh and mounted with a square brass flesh hoop, diminishing slipping as with the usual round flesh hoop.

These models have distinctive and relatively rare bracket nuts, only used on a few other period banjos and all are original.

The tailpiece is a newer repro No Knot style and is very satisfactory, and it is strung with Nylgut Strings.

This banjo is a real sleeper as it sounds better than most Piccolos, including Stewart's Piccolo, of which I own two.

With deluxe hard shell Piccolo Case, this banjo will not disappoint!  This banjo is worth the ........ $900 + $50 shipping in USA.

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