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  081 Piccolele 5 String Banjo - Baycu Washburn

Click to hear Banjo play "Cumberland Gap"
  • Baycu Cherry Neck ala Washburn banjos with Gear Heel inlay and Dowel Stick carving
  • Friction Tuners
  • Bone Nut and 5th Pip
  • Double Spun Rim, Calfskin Head
  • Custom Tailpiece & Bridge
  • Ebony Fingerboard with engraved pearl
  • Engraved Tenskon Hoop
Rim Diameter 7 in
Scale Length 13 in
Overall Length 21 in
Neck Length 8.5 in





Washburn Family Small Five String Banjos

Washburn Family Small Five String Banjos

Here is an extremely rare 1890'sL&H/Washburn Ladies Five String Banjo in the center with ten inch rim and seventeen inch neck. Original Walrus Ivory pegs and Tailpiece. To its left is the 1890's Washburn Piccolo with a very similar fingerboard.

On the right is a Baycu Piccolele with a Washburn style carved neck and an engraved inlayed ebony fingerboard from an 1890's Washburn Bowl Back mandolin. The Piccolele has matching peghead,carved neck volute, carved dowel stick, and matching Washburn Gear inlay on heel.

Below is the engraved fingerboard inlays of the ten inch Ladies Washburn Banjo.
Above are the engraved inlays of the Piccolele fingerboard removed from an 1890's Washburn Bowl Back Mandolin.





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