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   Rolando Piccolele 109 - Mini 21" Vintage 5 String Banjo
Here this Banjo Play "Alabama Gals"

This is another "Piccolele", or a vintage Banjo Ukulele converted to a 5 string banjo, slightly smaller than Stewart's Piccolo banjos.

This is a "bracketless" banjo made in California from the 1920's with laminated maple and walnut block 7 inch rim and a 5.5 inch head. These are often labeled "Rolando", and sport a very unusual tension method for the head. The ring is pushed up into the skin from underneath to tighten.

These models also have a pie plate back with spacers which makes them very tidy in appearance. I have added a brazed brass tone ring which is pushed into the head instead of the original arrangement. This addition dramatically added significant volume and tonal balance to the sound.

The tuners are vintage Champion style tuners and the 5th is a straight ivoroid friction fit that works quite well. The nut and pip are both bone.

The Calfskin head is high quality and fresh and very taught. These little banjos of under six inch heads hold up their tension quite well compared to larger head banjos, and are a little less affected by humidity.

Don't judge a book by its cover as this banjo is a real PLAYER and will give you endless hours of fun!

This is one of the lightest banjos I own and great for travel. It will be shipped in a new gig bag as pictured.

International buyers are welcome. Thanks for looking!

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