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Baycu Fretless Piccolo Banjo S/N 1904

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Baycu Fretless Piccolo Banjo S/N 1904 - Seven inch vintage spun rim and hardware with original faux rosewood rim finish. Baycu Cherry Neck with heavy ebony fingeboard and overlay with very colorful Stewart style abalone Inlays, bone nut and pip. Heavy tension hoop, custom solid Brass Tailpiece, ala Stewart. Ten inch neck and fifteen inch scale length with slender neck similar to Stewart.

Intonation on small scaled Fretted instruments can be difficult. On a Fretless instrument one can get the exact notes much easier, as well as the wonderful slides(up and down) that define old time music.

handA lovely player and looker. With new Hardshell Case

Out of Stock

Click to hear this Banjo play "John Brown's Dream"





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