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Baycu Fretless Piccolo Banjo S/N 2006

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Baycu Fretless Piccolo Banjo S/N 2006

This is a Baycu Walnut Neck piccolo banjo with an original eight inch Banner Blue Banjo Ukulele rim and hardware, all original and in lovely condition.

The rim is a Lange product of the 1920's with unusual lattice cladding with "windows" in the wooden rim and sixteen original shoes and brackets and nuts. I have added a rolled brass tone ring.

The neck is a "standard" piccolo size of ten inches with a fifteen inch scale length. The neck is carved from vintage and very special walnut that is very similar to rosewood in density and color. The neck has a carved shoulder for the fifth string with a reverse ogee, my personal style since 1976.

The fingerboard and other fittings are quality gaboon ebony, inlayed with colorful abalone. The bone pip and nut are also vintage bone. The neck is french polished.

If you play clawhammer like me, you will appreciate the slightly wider neck and string spacing, and a Fiberskyn head that does not need tightening.

The tuners are Geared with Ivoroid buttons for the peghead and a straight tuner with an Ivoroid button for the 5th string. This banjo has an unusual vintage tailpiece and is strung with Nylgut strings.

To gain a better understanding of the relative size of these diminutive jo's, please visit my Banjo Size Chart here.

handThis is a heavy professional playing piccolo banjo for clawhammer style with the wider spacing. Will be shipped in a new well fitting hard shell case.... $2150  Buy Now on

Hear this Banjo play "Uncle Eef Got A Coon"


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