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Baycu Fretless Piccolo Banjo S/N 2007

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Baycu Fretless Piccolo Banjo S/N 2007 - This is a Baycu curly maple neck matched to a high quality 1920's vintage Slingerland Model 23 Banjo Ukulele rim and hardware. The neck length is 10.5 inches(fingerboard length) and the rim is 6.75 inches in diameter. The scale length is 15 inches.

The Slingerland rims are are as good as Vega rims in construction, and the Model 23 sports heavy hardware, yoke brace and tone ring. It is fitted with an original 1920's Slingerland Model 23 calfskin head.

Four tuners are geared and all are fitted with ivoroid buttons. Bone nut and pip with quality ebony throughout and traditional inlays on 1,3,5,7,9,12,15,17 fret positions.

The bridge is curly maple and in a four footed style. The original tailpiece is engraved with "Waverly" and is suitable with either four or five string necks.

This little guy is fitted with Red Nylguts and has a killer sound. The rim is deeper than most Banjo Ukuleles except the Gibson UB series, which is similar in size and diameter.

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