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Baycu Fretless Piccolo Banjo S/N 2209

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Ebay Listing for Baycu Dixie Piccolo Banjo

Baycu Fretless Piccolo Banjo S/N 2209 - This is a Baycu neck carved from vintage mahogany and matched to a 1950's Dixie Banjo Ukulele Metal Rim. The neck length is ten inches (fingerboard length) and the rim is 6.75 inches in diameter. The scale length is 14.75 inches and the overal length is 22.5".

The fingerboard and overlays are high quality Gaboon ebony with Pearl markers at the 3,5,7,10,12,15 fret positions. The nut and pip are made of bone.

The rim is a Dixie brand cast metal and chrome plated Banjo Ukulele rim made in the mid 1950's(please see patent at bottom of page), complete with vibrant red interior with multiple stamps of "POO34". I have no idea what that might stand for.... a stock number perhaps.

The original metal neck is screwed through the rim with two large screws for vertical alignment, and there are two additional set screws for horizontal alignment.

This neck is attached via studs in the neck and removable quickly via banjo nuts inside the rim. The additional holes for horizontal alignment(an utter wast of time!) in the rim I have plugged up and covered with my label(see photo below).

There is a flange cast on the rim for the eight hooks, which are attached to the tension hoop. Orignally, the nuts were not banjo nuts, so I have upgraded this for easy tightening or loosening.

The skin head is original and a very nice one and stays wonderfully tight. Smaller diameter skin heads aren't quite as susceptible to humidity changes as larger banjos, I find.

There are Geared tuners on the top four strings and this banjo is strung with Nylguts. The tailpiece is a vintage Bell brand and very easy to thread.... simply tie a knot in the string and insert. I double the knots on the thinnest strings.

A very solid and conspicous banjo with lots of sound. You will certainly be pleased with this little banjo!

If you have never played a fretless, it isn't terribly difficult and you can achieve much better tonality and intonation, as your ear will be forced to take over control!

This banjo is looking for a good new home and ready to travel in its lovely Enoch hard shell case.

handA good price so don't wait .... $1450 +$50 shipping in the USA

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Ebay Listing for Baycu Dixie Piccolo Banjo

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